Hello, World!

Hello Readers!

Thanks for stopping by my website!  I hope you've found something that's peeked your interest.

I'm a wife and mother who developed a love for writing in third grade. My faith came later in life. I consider myself a progressive Christian and that's the point-of-view from which I write.

I tackle many of life's more controversial issues in hopes of bridging gaps between believers, critics, and non-believers. We're all little bits of different things, and I try to reflect that in my characters. No one is the perfect spouse, the perfect Christian, the perfect parent. We all struggle, fall, and keep going hoping for the best. 

I'm also a lover of cheeseburgers (please don't hate me PETA) and chocolate. My favorite book is Gone With the Wind, which I realize it's kinda cliche to love such a famous book, but I can't help it. I'm in love with that book. And my husband. And my kid. And God. And zumba.  Not in that order.

Thank you for stopping by!  Oh, and I'm terrible at grammar.  I'm sure you've noticed.


Nicole Jarrell