Be Youself

Be yourself.

How many times have we heard this or spoken these two little words to others?  But the truth is, as humans we worry about acceptance, and it's a deep seeded worry that sprouts up throughout our whole lives and in several situations.

But then I heard some words of wisdom.

Being yourself is a blessing to others.

Think about it.

I'm a stay at home mother of a very active rambunctious child.  My house is always in some sort of disarray, laundry usually stays in the dryer for days on end, a staple dinner in our home is chicken nuggets and french fries (no veggies, I know...), my long hair is in a permanent frazzled pony tail on the top of my head, and yes, I let my child watch television so I can have an hour of "me time".  In short, I'm not perfect.

When I take my kid to playdates and step into a home that is meticulously cleaned, with the mother dressed like she just stepped out magazine with her hair flowing in an invisible breeze, I feel completely jealous and a bit inadequate.  I become a turtle who hides her head in her shell, trying not to let the other mothers realize that I'm the only one in the room who doesn't seem to have it all together.  But when I go on a playdate to a home that has toys all over the kitchen floor and a pile of laundry thrown on the couch, I feel at home....more like myself.

The point is that God made all of us unique, special and different.  Being who God made us allows others to feel more comfortable with themselves.  Psalm 139: 13 - 14 says:

"For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

God knew us before we were born.  He wove us together with great care and love.  So don't be afraid to be who it is that God made you to be!  It will be a great blessing to other.