Top 5 : Why I Love God

Here is the top five reasons I love God:

1.  He doesn't hold a grudge.  Seriously, I'm talking complete and total forgiveness of sin without ever bringing it up at a later time.  That's pretty awesome.

2.  He created me, my husband, my son and the whole world.  I'm pretty pumped about being created and I owe it all to Him.  Plus, I'm majorly in love with my husband and son...again, it's because of Him they are in my life.

3.  His love is boundless.  Ever love someone conditionally?  Well, He loves unconditionally all the time.  Again, pretty awesome.

4.  He's perfect.  Everything He makes and does is for a reason because He's perfect.  That means His plan is perfect too.

5.  He's with me always, even when I don't think He is....even when I don't want Him around....even when....

Ok, so I want you all to know that I take writing a blog about God seriously, even if my tone is conversational.  In fact, I've had this blog for quite some time, wrote consistently, then deleted all the posts and started over because I wasn't sure if what I wrote was good enough to convey anything about God.  I didn't want to turn people off to God because of something I wrote.

But I feel the topic of God is too important to go without discussion.   I hope you'll leave your comments (please keep them respectful or I'll delete them) so we can get to know one another!  Oh, and let me know what you're top five reasons for loving God...or just your number one!

So for a really quick intro on me...I'm a mom, wife and aspiring writer.  I was born into a family with an atheist Dad and catholic mother, who made sure I was baptized and confirmed in the catholic church.  We went to church, on average, twice a year and by high school I labeled myself agnostic.  Then a change started in me that took about ten years to fully develop into a deep love of Christ.  I'm a Lutheran now, as is my husband and son.

I'm not perfect.  I have ideals that fall outside the realm of a traditional Christian while others lie strictly with the Bible's teachings.  I'm not out to offend anyone.  I've been a nonbeliever or passive believer in God more of my life than I've been a Christian so I understand how frustrating it is to have religion shooved down ones throat.  I'm not out to do that.  I'm just here to share what I've learned, work through some doubt and questions, study some scripture and continuing on my path.