Are you worth it? - Weight Loss Edition

Losing weight is annoying.  It's time consuming, frustration and never ending.  At least, for me.  And I'm tired of hearing people say "eat less, exercise more" or "if you really want it, you would just do it".  Not helpful.  The truth is, weight loss is a lot more complicated then simply reducing calories.  For many, myself including, eating is comforting, fun, relaxing, entertaining, social, get the point.  Food makes everything better, right before it makes you feel a thousand times worse.

Feel this way?  You are SO not alone.

First thing first....STOP beating yourself up!!  Seriously.  STOP!  Unless you're part cyborg program for perfection, you're going to have weight loss set backs.  Say it out loud.  "I'm going to have set backs."  Say it louder!  "I'M GOING TO HAVE SET BACKS!"  Now accept it.  Really let it soak in.  It's ok.  Relax.  Set backs don't mean that you won't get there.  When you feel the ugly guilt / depression / anger rise in your gut, REFUSE to let it consume you!

While discussing my own weight loss journey with someone recently, she asked "Are you worth it?"  Am I worth losing the weight?  She must have seen the doubt on my face because immediately, before I could even answer, she asked, "Is your son worth it?".

Here's a truth - Most of the time, I don't think I'm worth it.  I don't mean to be Debbie Downer, but that's just the reality of my situation.  How about you?  Answer honestly.  Do you think your worth losing weight?

Now, I'm going to get religious on you....please stick with me :)

God knows that you're worth it.  Ok, ok...I'm sure you've heard this 100 times already and it's probably not doing a whole lot for you.  So let me put it this way.  Our lives are mist in the the grand scheme of things.  Think about it.  The universe is ENORMOUS, our Earth is FILLED with people and has been around for MILLIONS of years!  We live for...oh, let's be optimistic and say 90 years....really, in the grand scheme, that's mist, here and then gone. (The mist reference is in the Bible, I don't know where, but you can google if you're curious).

BUT...God still took the time to create you.  He took the time to give you your freckles, your courage, your wrinkles, your hope.  He created ever small beautiful detail that makes you, you.  Now, why in the world would he do that?

Because you're worth it.  Because you have a purpose.  Because he couldn't imagine a universe - as large and vast as it is - without YOU.

Now, let that soak in.  Really.  He is your Father.  A perfect, loving Father.  And he wants you to succeed.  He wants you feel worth it.  He's cheering for you.

Through him, anything is possible.

Pray with me:
Father, help me to see myself through your eyes.  Help me overcome self doubt.  Help me feel your encouragement when I need it the most.  Please give me the desire to live a healthy life style and please give me the courage to lean on you, always.  Amen.