Teaching the Ten Commandents to Kids

Ok, so I wanted to teach my son the ten commandments in a way he'd actually understand and remember.  We found this online...

To the tune of Jingle Bells
No other gods, no ideals
don't misuse God's name
keep the sabath holy, that's God's special day
Honor your mother and father
don't murder, lust, or steal
no false tales, no envy, this is God's great deal.

 Ok, so you have to stretch it a bit to make it fit the jingle bell song, and I'm not sure how Moses would take the news that the commandments are being sung to a Christmas song, but I have to say....it worked.  My son remembers this song months and months after we taught it to him.  But even more importantly, it's a good intro to actually teaching what the ten commandments are all about.