Why do you or don't you?

Why do you or don't you believe in God?

"I don't believe in God because a loving God wouldn't allow bad things to happen."

"I do believe in God because after years of being told I'd never be a parent, I gave birth to our first baby."

"I really don't know.  Sometimes things will happen in my life and I'll think it's God, but then I just wonder if it's only a coincidence."

In all my decades on this Earth, I have never once heard someone answer that question with:
"Just because."

Usually, people have some kind of answer.  They've given it some sort of consideration, whether it be an in depth look into their spiritual life or a simple passing thought.  Usually, the people who don't believe in God have a pretty good answer to the question, one that most believes can sympathize with. 

So here's my challenge to you.  Answer the question (either here on the blog or just to yourself) and consider why you do or don't believe in God.  Then try to see it from the other side.  I think it's important to give the other side some consideration because their thoughts and ideas deserve respect and validity.  Maybe that's why so many nonChristians feel so left out when they finally step into church.  Maybe they just think no one will understand their reasons for staying away for so long.  Or maybe as a believer, you never really gave it much thought as to why someone wouldn't follow your own spiritual ideas. 

Just something to think about.