Turning Blessings into Burdens

I heard an amazing speaker (of course I don't remember her name) who gave an amazing lecture she entitled Turning Blessings into Burdens.  Yup, that's the right title.  She wasn't going talk about how we can turn our burdens into blessings.  She wanted to talk to women in particular about how often we turn the beautiful things in life into huge burdens.

Here's a summary of her speech.  As women, we sometimes have the ability to take a gift from God and turn it into the a huge burden.  She used the example of her new home.  She and her family were being uprooted to a new town and they prayed to be able to find a home that fit there needs.  Sure enough, they found the perfect home, one that had everything they needed and wanted.  As she stood in the kitchen one day, organizing her pots and pans into the new cabinets, she started running down a list of things she'd need to do.  Then she started to complain, "We'll have to get curtains for the windows.  *sigh*  That's going to cost a fortune.  And there's so much space in the living room we'll have to buy new furniture.   Plus the house is so big it's going to take me forever to clean."

Then she stopped herself and realized that she had turned this amazing house into a burden, rather than a wonderful gift from God.

Take a second and think about a time you've done this.  Go ahead.  I'll wait :)  The speaker focused on women because she said we have a tendency to do it more than men, and let's be honest ladies, we really do.

Sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed I ask myself if what I'm stressing about is really a burden or a blessing.  It's a good way to put things into perspective.