A rant against, "I look down on women with husbands and kids and I'm not sorry"



This blog is in response to an online article I recently read by Amy Glass.  It's basically an article against stay-at-home moms and if you haven't heard of it, you may want to read it before continuing :


When I finished reading this, I was pretty upset.  I'm a stay-at-home mother whose faced opposition to my choice, but this is such a wildly false and cruel point-of-view piece that I felt compelled to set the record straight.

Stay-at-home mothers, and frankly mother's in general, have a very tough job.  Anyone who thinks that raising a human being is easy simply has never done it before.  Being a parent means teaching a child to read, walk, talk, but it means so much more.  You're responsible for teaching compassion, kindness, morals, and raising a successful member of society.  It's a responsibility, a daily selfless act that not everyone can do, and there are people who desperately want the job but can't because of physical limitations.  So to demean the role of "mother" is incredibly insulting, not just to stay-at-home moms, but working moms, moms to be, and the woman who want to be mommies but can't. 

It also demeans the men that stand beside us, supporting us, helping us, because it means that they decided to spend their lives with women who "lack accomplishments", who aren't smart enough to make it in the big bad world, who are only there to tend to the children and wash laundry (note the sarcasm).

After reading the article, I instantly thought of a college professor I had my senior year.  She was the first female in the male dominated department from which I graduated and wore that honor with inflated pride.  One day, she asked us to envision where we would be in ten years.  The purpose was to get us to think of "great" successful careers.  One girl - the top of our class, premed student - said that in ten years she'd have her med degree but would most likely be a stay-at-home mom by then.  My professor practically tore her to shreds, saying what a waste the degree would be and "I would never do that.  My husband knows that I would never sacrifice my career for my children."

That's the mentality Amy Glass possesses.  When I looked up more of her writings, I found this quote from another article entitled "successful Woman do not Fall In Love".


where she says, "Could the thing I be “successful” or “great” at be being a wife or a mother? Sure? I guess? But then the thing you are great at is helping other people. You are a supporting cast member in your own biography. That’s not for me."

That's the view point she's writing from.

If you're a mom, or thinking about become a mom, please don't put stock into "feminists" like this.  They simply don't get it and, sadly, probably never will.  Or, once they understand, it'll be too late.  The greatest gift you can ever give is yourself, your time, your compassion, your talents.  In fact, it's what God calls us to do.  Because if we all had selfish desires, selfish thoughts, selfish goals, the world wouldn't function.