The Gay Christian Network

Some of you may have caught the Grammys (I was watching the WWE Royal Rumble with my family :)  ) but I heard that during a Macklemore song, several same sex couples got married.  As expected, several people went to the internet protesting, suggesting this was an attack on the institute of marriage.  To counter this with a different point-of-view, I'd like to share what I've learned :

As it happens to turn out, I'm researching a new project and part of it relates to sexual orientation so I've been researching this subject for a while.  In my research, I came across the Gay Christian Network, a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to bridging the divide on this issue, as well as offer support to members of the LGBT.

What really caught my attention was "The Great Debate" articles:

The first is from the view point that God blesses same sex marriages while the second says that God calls gays to lifelong celibacy.  These are two incredibly well thought out and respectful essays that I highly recommend reading.  What's even more interesting, is that these aren't hateful opinions.  The information presented is without judgement or discrimination. 

The GCN does an amazing job of presenting both sides of the topic, answering questions, admitting to not having the answers to some questions (I find that so refreshing!! ) and offering support.  Through podcasts and videos, you can discover amazing testimonies of members of the gay community, who love Jesus and are proud to be gay.  Of course, they also share their struggles, their discrimination, their loneliness, but they offer hope to others in similar situations.

All too often, I think we get caught up on the label "gay" and forget that we're talking about actual human beings.  We forget that being gay isn't a choice - why would someone volunteer for pain, abandonment, exile from their family and friends?  Behavior is a choice.  Kissing is a choice, holding hands is a choice, but if we are attracted to a man or woman has nothing to do with a decision.  So when we spread hateful words about our Christian LGBT neighbors, we're basically bullying them for something they can't help, something that they were born with. 

They deserve better, and we as Christians should be doing a better job of bridging the gap.  With regards specifically to the Grammy's, I recognize that an argument can be made against the notion that gay marriage should be televised during a PG-13 broadcast.  I can certainly see how some people may have been put off by that.  After all, weren't most people put off by Miley Cyrus' tweerking incident, or even Janet Jackson's halftime show?  People have certain things they expect, and don't expect to see.  So yes, there is the other side saying that this should not have been televised.  And opinions are certainly allowed to be expressed by both sides, but I would hope that they are done so in a respectful manner.  And don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of people on both sides who have answered questions on this topic with respect, and likewise without respect.  But Jesus was about Love.  So how about we start there?