I hate the Easter Bunny

Ok, hate is a strong word.  I detest...no, still a pretty harsh term....I don't appreciate or enjoy the Easter Bunny. That's better. If you happened to catch my blog entitled Santa vs. Jesus : The Final Countdown, you may know my husband and I weighed the pros and cons of teaching our son about Santa. In the end, we decided to keep Santa a tradition in our house, and I was cool with that because Santa is based off of the life of Saint Nicholas.

But the Easter Bunny....*groan*...

Even as a kid, I didn't really "get" the Easter Bunny. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the candy and egg hunts, but where in the world did this giant bunny come from and why does he associate himself with Easter? According to http://www.christianpost.com/news/where-did-the-easter-bunny-come-from-92695/ the bunny showed up in America along with German immigrants who told the tale to their children. The eggs were a symbol of fertility and new life, left for the good children.

Christians have adapted the eggs to be a symbol for Jesus' tomb or can be used as props to tell the Easter story. Here's six ways to do so http://voices.yahoo.com/6-ways-easter-eggs-tell-story-easter-7956770.html

But the bunny? He's just not my favorite fictional character. Easter is about Jesus, his death and resurrection. It's about this beautiful gift of grace, forgiveness and love. The Easter bunny serves as a distraction. With that said, does my son believe in the bunny? Regretfully so. When we decided to keep Santa, we decided to keep all of "them", but I can understand a parent's reasoning to eliminate these myths.

Some may say, "what's the harm in a kid believing in the bunny?" It depends. Just like I mentioned in my Santa post, the harm depends on how well us parents explain the purpose of a holiday. We can downplay Santa and the bunny. One day, we can tell them that it's a game for kids, something fun and nothing more. Kids may be confused, but there's a good chance they'll see it for what it is, a fun holiday tradition.

But keep in mind why we celebrate. Tell the story of Jesus' life and death. Explain the resurrection. Celebrate the gift of forgiveness and new life. That's what it's all about. Sorry Easter bunny.

Photo by http://www.creationswap.com/media/9487

Photo by http://www.creationswap.com/media/9487