Good Friday


On Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a King, beloved and worshiped. People threw palms and clothing on the ground so he wouldn't have to touch the dirt.

On Thursday, Jesus ate dinner with his disciples, took bread, blessed it and said "This is my body that I have given up to you." He then took a cup of wine, blessed it and said, "This is my blood, shed for you." He predicted that he'd be betrayed by Judas and that Peter would betray him three times. He made these predictions known so that when they came true, the disciples would further believe that he is the Messiah.

Jesus went to pray. Judas went to the soldiers and told them where to find Jesus. When the soldiers came, Peter took his knife and cut one of the soldier's ears, but Jesus told his friend to stand down. Jesus knew the will of God and was prepared to fulfill it.

The Jews brought Jesus to Pontius Pilate who saw no wrong in Jesus. The Jews, however, insisted that Pilate punish Jesus for claiming to be God. Pilate questioned Jesus and again told the Jews that he could not find Jesus guilty of anything. Again, the Jews demanded Jesus be condemned. Pilate gave them a choice, as it was custom for him to release one prisoner on Passover. He would release Jesus or Barabbas, a known murderer and thief. The crowd shouted to free Barabbas and so Jesus was sentenced to be crucified.

Jesus was beaten, clubbed, flogged and tortured. The soldiers spit in his face, mocked him, fastened a crown of thorns and shoved it on his head. They forced him to carry his cross to his death site where they nailed his hands and feet into the wood.

Jesus hung on that cross, with two criminals being crucified to his sides. Finally, he released his soul. It was 3pm, only six days after he rode into town, on a donkey, with people cheering his name.

Jesus' death made it possible for us to have personal relationships with God. He died with our sins on his shoulders, setting us free.

God hates sin and if it weren't for Jesus dying on the cross, we would never have been able to enter heaven. We would never be washed clean from our wrongdoings.

Jesus never sinned. He never hurt a single person. All he ever did was love, forgive, teach...He is the perfect example of Christianity. He sacrificed his life for us, even though he did nothing to deserve the horrid nature of his death.

The is truly the darkest hour.

But have faith, the light will soon shine....

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