Easter : It is finished.

Easter is when Jesus comes back to life. Yes, he comes back to life. It's a hard concept to grasp. We're not talking metaphorically or spiritually, we're literally talking about a dead man coming back to life.

He died, he rose.

What does that mean for us? It meas that death is conquered. It meas that when we die, our spirits are resurrected and will join Jesus. It means that life continues after we are put in the grave. If Jesus had died and never returned, we would never have been able to get to heaven. It's the resurrection that makes it possible for us to transcend to the next phase, heaven.

If you're not a church goer, if all of this is new, you may think that I'm crazy, that I've "drank the Kool Aid", but I encourage you to read the Bible and determine the truth for yourself. Start with the New Testament and just keep reading.

It's all about Jesus.