Review : "Why My Family Doesn't Do Sleepovers" by Tim Challies

Here's the article:

Tim Challies comments on author James Dobson's rule : No sleepovers for his children. Dobson's main argument is that sleepovers place your child in a vulnerable position. From his book, Bringing Up Girls, Dobson is quoted to say:

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Sadly, the world has changed in the last few decades, and it is no longer a safe place for children. Pedophiles and child molesters are more pervasive than ever. That is why parents must be diligent to protect their kids every hour of the day and night. …

Challies both agrees and disagrees. "I agree with the nature of his concerns....We believed they would face a particular kind of vulnerability if they found themselves alone and in bed outside our care, and we wanted to protect them from it." He disagrees that the threat is recent. He made the decision based on experiences when he was young.

It's an interesting discussion, and one that parents should have. Here's my opinion:

I enjoyed sleepovers as a child. My parents knew my friend's families and I was never in harm's way when spending time at my friend's home. I'd love for my child to experience the delight of staying up late watching movies, binging on junk food, talking until the sun comes up. But as stated in the article, parents have to be diligent and I believe the fun of a sleepover isn't worth the risk.

This may be an over protective paranoid position but listen to what Challies says when speaking of those he's known who were taken advantage of at a sleepover:

" wasn’t a perverse father in most cases, but a predatory older brother or sister or cousin. Sometimes it was even the friend himself."

It's up to the parent whether or not to allow children to sleepover. They're fun, but there is also a risk.

What do you think?