Kristin Hannah, Susan May Warren, and My Other Author Crushes

In a totally not creepy stalker way, I have some author crushes. These are individuals I would most likely freak out if I ever met in person. And I'm not talking about a little squeal of excitement. I mean full blown fan girl, jumping up and down, "Oh my goodness, there's N'Sync!" type of fanatical response.

We all have them, right?


Kristian Hannah is my newest. I stumbled upon her books when googling "Authors similar to Jodi Picoult". She writes commercial fiction/drama/romance/intense relationship and thought provoking plots. Firefly Lane, Home Front and Fly Away are amazing, and they're the only three I've read. Yet. There will be more.

Susan May Warren has influenced me for years. Her book Happily Ever After was the first Christian fiction I read. It also got me to consider the Christian genre. Now, I have to say...I've met her. I went to one of her amazing writer workshops and I have to give myself some credit. I didn't hyperventilate with excitement. At least, not in front of her. I may, or may not, but definitely did have a minor panic attack in the bathroom before our first introductions. But who wouldn't? The woman is an awesome wordsmith.

Janie Winsell is an indie author of the book, A Mother's Love. So. Good. It's a military themed romance about a young widow whose husband died in Iraq. She's pregnant and her mother-in-law sues for custody of the baby. It's book one of a series (Yay!) so I'm eager for the next one to be published. She writes contemporary christian romance and women's fiction.

Chuck Palahniuk. Okay, I know. It's kinda cliche, but honestly, I'm not even sure I could look him in the eye, so deep is my admiration. His writing is so beautifully gross and twisted, it gives me courage to tap into my own dark side and write from a more authentic place. Because with his books, there are meaning and questions and insight that can lead you to the light woven throughout the strange and bizarre.

Jessica Everingham. Ever hear of her? You will. Her unpublished novel Hating Jeremy Walters was a finalist in the 2015 Frasier Contest, run by My Book Therapy, and runner-up in the 2015 Australasian Christian Writers Contemporary Romance Contest. She writes romantic comedies, but with a bit of a dramatic twist. I can't wait for her to become published.

Above all, I just love reading. I love discovering new writers and tapping into their mind's stories. How about you? Any writer crushes?