Want a Pen Name? Here's your chance!

Have you considered a pen name?

A part of me really wanted one. Not just because I thought making up a pseudonym would be fun, but because it would give me anonymity. In the age of facebook, twitter, blogs, intsagram...well, you get the point....being the man or woman behind the curtain is challenging. It seems everyone knows everything about everyone. After much thought, I decided not to go the pen name route. Still, it's entertaining to think what I'd have used. I tried to think of some on my own based on family names:

Elle Scott

N. R. Scott

C. C. Scott ....can you tell I liked the name Scott?

Then, I found a bunch of pseudonym generators online. So let's have some fun! Here are just a few of the websites I explored.



Check them out and let me know what they came up with. Here are mine ....  :)

Ogdon Frei

Sarita Gentleman

Fluffy Golden

Nicolas Elrose

Dr. Natasha Jarrson....oh, I could be a doctor! Cool :)

Mendel Flannagan

Carolyn Capponi

Okay, your turn!