Dear Republicans, You're not racist, now let's get to work.

Dear Republican,

You've won. In a few weeks, Donald Trump will get sworn in and take his place in history as President of the United States. The Republicans have won the majority in the House and Senate.

Our country is in your hands.

So I have this plea...

Put down your pitch forks aimed at Hilary and focus on your candidate. Demand more from Trump.

I know it hasn't been easy. Trump supporters are smeared in the media, misrepresented, hated...The actions of racists, bigots, xenophobes have marked all Trump supporters, even those who are loving, open hearted and desperately trying to do what's right for themselves and their families. So I want you to know that we, Democrats and third party voters, understand not all Trump supporters are bigots, racists, homophobic, and/or xenophobic. This election sucked. Two candidates with incredible flaws stood in front of the nation and asked for our trust and vote. Many on both sides of the party line felt backed into a corner. Which evil do we pick? Should we vote third party? Is this the year to skip voting all together? Many Americans went to the voting booth feeling unsure, sick, nervous, disgusted. But we did what we thought was best.

I know many voted for Trump in secret, afraid to be labeled something hateful if they told their friends or family that they voted for Trump. I understand that many voted for the Republic party because of the Supreme Court nomination, pro-life stance, smaller government. I get it. I really do, because a lot of Democrats thought the same way, voting for the party in spite of the candidate.

We all tried to do the right thing.

And in the end, Trump won.

For some, it's a great victory, a time of hope and opportunity. And for others, it's a scary reality. But we have to dig deeper into ourselves, get beyond the hurt from this election and look at what we've going in front of us.


You see the issue, right? You understand why so many are scared, rather than hopeful, don't you? It's his words. It's always been his words.

They go beyond political correctness, beyond a man simply stating what's on his mind. Please, tell me your defensiveness haven't blinded you to the truth. If Trump had remained a private citizen, his tweets would hold little weight. But we're talking about the President of the United States. This single man holds the fate of millions of Americans, half of which don't particularly like him. His job is to protect, unite, defend, lead, heal, help, and what has he been doing?



Making twitter statements without thinking of the consequences.

This is your candidate. This is the man you picked to lead you, your family, your children.

Demand more.

Demand that he act like the man you saw in him when you stood in that voting booth and selected his name.

Demand that Trump stop his antagonist tweets, his divisive and destructive rhetoric, his quick to act temperament. I know you see it, and I know you feel like you have to defend it. Stop it. Please.

Demand that he rise to your expectations as a leader and stop childish antics.

He won't listen to me. He won't listen to those he feel are his enemies, to those who speak out against him. But he'll listen to you, his supporter, the one who helped get him elected.

Demand that he act like a President.


It's up to you.