Why I'm Leaving Christian Fiction

I will no longer pursue publication in the Christian world.

So what does this mean? And why the sudden switch?

God will still be in my manuscripts. Maybe not all of them, but religion is a part of my life so it's only natural for it to pour into my work.

Why the shift? It's something I've been considering for awhile. It's no surprise I consider myself a progressive Christian. This means I have a very different view of Christianity than the masses. And I think that's okay. I think there's room for all types of ideas and conversations, but when it comes to Christian fiction, the market place prefers a certain type of manuscript. Again, that's okay. I enjoy tons of Christian stories and authors who write about traditional Christian values and morals. Even though I don't agree with how the authors presents some of their characters, I still enjoy the plots.

But I had to ask myself, is this the place for me and my work?

I wanted it to be. I love the Christian fiction world. I have amazing critique partners, I've been to the ACFW conference and met talented authors, spoke with kind and encouraging agents, learned so much about the Christian publishing world. It's been my life for years. I've soaked up ever bit of knowledge, bought "how to" workbooks, listened to seminars online...I wanted to be a Christian writer.

But I can't. I don't belong. And it's time to admit it.

My religious beliefs simply don't belong in this genre, at least not at this time in our history. 

So I sadly have to step away.

You can expect some changes on the website over the next few months as I redefine myself as a writer. And like I said, God will still be in my books, but it'll be more authentic to my views.

To all those who supported me, thank you. I hope you'll continue on this crazy awesome journey as I work to find my voice. :)