About Me

I wasn't always a Christian.  In fact, I often made fun of Christians, their practices, their beliefs...pretty much everything about them.  I thought all Christians were close minded, judgmental, right wing conservatives.  I was wrong.  I met a great group of people in college who showed me what being a Christian really meant and ever since then I was hooked.  I read and studied Christianity like it was my job until finally I had a break through and fell in love with Christ. 

There were a lot of hurdles I needed to overcome in my path to become a believer.  I wish I could say that I never experience doubt or I wish I could say that I never question God, but the truth is I do...sometimes daily.  But that's ok because being a Christian doesn't mean you are perfect which is fantastic for me because I am far from perfect.

I'm also a mom and a wife.

Oh, and I'm terrible at grammar.