Jarrel, Nicole, A Light in the Darkness, Nolensville, TN.: Lulu, May 2013.

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I wrote this book for a dear friend of mine, who asked me many years ago to write her a "cowboy romance novel."  God laid the story on my heart and I finally worked up the courage to start writing!  The finished product is my first published novel.  I hope to continue to publish, whether through self-publishing or traditional, and improve my skills.  Please click on the link above to check out my book!

Jarrell, Nicole (2013) Amanda's Secret Splickety Magazine 2.1, 17 - 19

Jarrell, Nicole (2013) Naked Truth, MomSense August Edition, 5

Jarrell, Nicole (2013) Growing from the Inside Out, Maryland Women of Worship, Late Summer 2013 Edition,

Jarrell, Nicole (2013) Holding God High, Maryland Women of Worship, Late Summer 2013 Edition