Hire me for a first chapter craft critique! The first chapter is vital to a successful novel. I'm happy to work with aspiring authors to fine tune your craft. Read through the following FAQs, then email me at nicolejarrellfiction@gmail.com and let's work together!

What is a craft critique? Unlike a line edit, a craft critique is a big picture review. I help with plot, characters, showing vs. telling, determining your story question and premise, avoiding cliches, proper POV and perfecting your first chapter. Line edits and grammar edits focus largely on punctuation, proper tense and verb placements, and overall word choice and structure. While I may find it necessary to address these issues, I won't focus on them.

Why only a craft critique? Once someone begins line editing, the voice of the author begins to change. I leave this up to publishing house editors or editors with extensive experience. They know the best way to construct your story to make it marketable.

How much does it cost? I charge a flat rate of $25 for one chapter.

Why don't you critique entire novels? I'd love to, but time restraints prevent me from offering this service at this time.

Do you critique contest entries? Yes. Usually contest entries are the first chapter plus a synopsis. A 500 word synopsis craft critique is $10.

What qualifies you to edit my work? I've judged several contests including those hosted by the Romance Writer's of America and the American Christian Fiction Writers. My work has been awarded the 2014 ACFW Genesis Semi-finalist award and the 2014 My Book Therapy Flash Fiction Love Contest award. I've also been featured in several magazines including Splickety, Splickety Love, and MomSense. I've been a member of several critique groups, studied under an award winning Christian author and worked with decorated writers and editors. I'm dedicated to helping you perfect your craft and tell your story.

What forms of payment do you accept? PayPal